Thomas Frisano was born on June 11, 1963 in sunny Antibes. The Frisano family boasts a fair number of exceptionally gifted artists, his father Jean and his uncle Pierre.

His art is a blend of photorealism and stylisation that is both spectacular and elegant, giving life to the heroic ideals embodied by super-heroes.

He has contributed Marvel covers featuring super heroes and characters from licensed properties such as Star Wars for Lug, a French Publisher of Marvel comics. Strange, Special Strange, Titans titles as well as Fantastic Four and X-men Albums covers are painted in acrylics or gouache, Nova and Spiderman Album covers are pen and ink.

Historically, super-heroes emerged in France with Frisano covers. This art is featured in Comic Book Artist #17 (January 2002) and Comic Book Marketplace #54 (December 1997) as well as in Ernst Gerber’s Photo-Journal Guide to Marvel Comics and prominently in the Encyclopaedia of Marvel Comics in France, vol.1.

In all, his published pages of sequential art add up to 168, 44 of which fully painted. Being a one-man band he has pencilled, inked and lettered his books.

Thomas has a fondness for thriller stories, illustrated in three albums of his. Les 12 Travaux d'Art Cool, a Graphic Novel with J.P.Dionnet published by Albin Michel, and two volumes of Relations Publiques published by Glenat with words by R.Maric.

The best-selling French comics weekly Pilote by Dargaud Publishing featured his 8-page, black and white stories.

He entered the comics field in 1984 in Metal Aventure, a spin-off of the Metal Hurlant (Heavy Metal) periodical from les Humanoides Associes.

Other works include miscellaneous freelance illustrations for publishers and French TV channel TF1.

In his spare time, Thomas likes to broaden his artistic spectrum with Sculpture and Photography.




Relations Publiques #1 : "La Main Passe" (1999)
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Relations Publiques #2 : "Double Jeu"(2000)